Dojo Etiquette

Dojo is a sacred place, where we train physically and intellectually. The students should respect dojo and observe following rules of behaviour:

  1. The students should follow the training schedule. They should not be late for training sessions.
  2. Entering dojo, remove top clothes: coat, scarf and hat. Having taken off shoes put them in order. If you find any other shoes, which are not in order put them in order.
  3. Before entering the training area let any senior students go ahead by belt category (Black belt will go first, then Brown, Green, Yellow, White).
  4. When entering the dojo say clearly and joyful: Onegaishimasu (Please help me, please teach me).
  5. When entering the dojo remember to show respect, having bowed at the relic of dojo.
  6. You always should be polite to your teachers, senior students and older persons.
  7. If you want to go to the bathroom you should do it before training.
  8. You should to try to keep your gi (training wear) clean and accurate. Always train in dojo in clean gi.
  9. You should to keep your physical status good.
  10. You have to had your nails cut to do not harm other students during training.
  11. You shouldn't eat for an hour before training.
  12. You shouldn't forget to warm up even if train alone.
  13. When you watch other students training in dojo you are to sit still and do not stretch your legs. Put your hands on knees.
  14. When the teacher announces a start of training session, you have to stand in rows quickly facing to a relic of dojo.
  15. When the teacher announces "mokuso" (meditation), close your eyes, make a deep breath by a stomach, concentrate you attention on "tanden" and try to clean up your mind.
  16. During training you should to closely and seriously listen to advices you are given.
  17. Handle training equipment with care.
  18. During kumite (sparring) fighters are to wear protective equipment.
  19. All protective equipment has to be checked and to be suitable.
  20. When the teacher gives you a piece of advice, listen closely and sincerely. Do not forget to show you have heard and have understood advices with affirmative answer.
  21. The teacher should watch a physical status of students. There must be a short break in the middle of training.
  22. You should to execute finishing exercises with other students in five minutes before the end of training session.
  23. After finishing exercises all students sit in "seiza", calm down, concentrate their attention, recite Dojo Kun, bow to the teacher, senior students and each other to express your faithfulness and honour.
  24. If beginners and students with belts of different colour have any questions they should ask senior students. It is always important to study karate constantly.
  25. One should not forget to thank the person who gives him/her a piece of advice in karate.
  26. The cigarettes harm your health. The smoking gives absolute nothing.
  27. If you have a trauma you should not to train until full recover. All that time you are to attend trainings and simply look what other students do.
  28. Leaving dojo, one has not to forget to tell Arigato-gozaimashita (thank you very much), or Shitsurei-shimasu (excuse me).
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