Goju-ryu – Okinawan karate style

Antrenament cu Sensei Morio Higaonna

Goju-ryu - the most ancient style of okinawan  karate originating in rigid systems of the South-Chinese hand-to-hand fight, kept in itself true art of a real duel.

Goju-ryu is the style using internal power of the person. In a basis in goju-ryu karate are the technics of near fight lays. It enables to apply it in conditions of the limited space (the lift, transport, crowd).

From modern Japanese karate differs a power orientation and high fighting efficiency.

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School " Fist of a White Crane " has been created in 16 century by the daughter of the shaolin monk Van Chzhenduna. Van Chzhendun practised school " Tiger " and was very known master in China. Repeatedly acting on the party of validity, the master in one of skirmishes has been fatally wounded. After death of the father, its daughter Van Tsinyan, has continued the employment independently.

But style of "Tiger" approaches only for greater and strong men, - its basis is made with low racks and very powerful movements by the case and the hands, demanding the big physical strength. The prepared person could pull out without effort an edge or backbone.

To revenge, Van Tsinyan could not use classical style of "Tiger". Continuous searches long time did not lead to desirable results. And here once, from thoughtfulness it was deduced with shout of a white crane. Wishing to frighten off it, Van Tsinyan has thrown in it a stick, but the crane very much has dexterously evaded. Then it has thrown in it a stone. What its surprise when the crane a wave of powerful wings has beaten off a stone far aside was. These two movements have made the basic idea of the future style.

In current of two years the basic complexes and combinations have been developed. The emphasis has been made on special technics of " emission of force " during movements of the open palm. Force of impact should proceed not from any separate point, for example a hip or a shoulder, and from all body. The breath is made through a nose, an exhalation through a mouth. During an exhalation energy, rises from a bottom of a stomach, merges with external force of muscles and is splashed out in one powerful throw. Depending on character of movement, energy shares on dark (soft) and light (rigid).

It is necessary to note one more important detail. Being accepted to creation of new style, Van Tsinyan was the advanced schoolgirl on school " Tiger ", and all the subsequent combinations have been developed on the basis of this style, that is the white crane "grown up" and "brought up" by a tiger has turned out. It is very precisely traced in goju-ryu kata when practically at one movement there are "ideas" of these two animals. We shall tell,  the waveing blocking movement reminding a wing of a crane, comes to an end with capture " a tiger mouth ", or using powerful steady statement of legs, characteristic for a tiger, soft, allocating movement with simultaneous biting attack of eyes or throats is made.

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